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Posted by kjhsdgf - August 19th, 2010

well, i've been living and learning.
still, i can't find a legit adobe flash crack, so i can't animate anything :[
although i have been making tunes.
and i'm pretty sure not too many people will see this, but
i just wanted my latest post to be a bit more recent.

Posted by kjhsdgf - July 8th, 2009

i finally found my tablet pen and im working on a celebratory little animation about a quote i heard once
"if you shoot for the moon and miss, you will lie among the stars"
so yeah, its not very extravagant, i made it in about 6-8 hours,
but i reeery hope you rike it


Posted by kjhsdgf - May 18th, 2009

normally i wouldnt get mad at small things like this,
but seriously, why troll on newgrounds?
there's no benefit for you, troll.
if your shit isnt high enough on the charts because it got 0-bombed,
dont be a hypocrite and 0-bomb other people' works!
i'm just trying to get a little feedback,
a little advice to get my music sounding better,
and no one gets to hear it because of you, jackass.
if you sincerely hate it, comment on how it is wrong.
but you dont care, do you?
ive seen some great fucking songs get 0-bombed.
songs that coulde been front page'd.
if anyone ever reads this post, let it be known,
that if you 0-bomb things, you are a horrible person,
and should take yourself out as a gift to humanity.

that;s it, i fucking hate newgrounds

Posted by kjhsdgf - October 20th, 2008

very tired, yet i no sleepy-bye.
i, like always, am busy starting projects then not finishing them, i can remember the last time i
made a comic on flash, (in my notebook, there's thousands),
and im sorta working on music.
its not like anyone reads these, but, hey, once i become famous,
this will matter!
ps (the comics i post are all ones i made a long time ago, and there all on my myspace,
pm me if you want a link.)

pps (this comic was my first, and it bled alot, too)

2 am, central time (texas)

Posted by kjhsdgf - October 8th, 2008

i just animated walking!
and it looked good!
there are so few flashes that walking is done in, and it looked good,
so i take it as a major accomplishment!!!!
also working little by little on random animations, so hold tigh, you one fan.
pm me if you want to see my collection of self-made comics, and oh, it is a collection.
have a great day!


Posted by kjhsdgf - September 29th, 2008

late at night i drool over my keyboard, trying to finish a single animation.
my chem project wasnt nearly half as good as some of the stuff ive been working on, but it is better in that it is finished.
"Beardman: Those Little Fuckers Just Seem to Get Up There" is the project im working on right now.
but that is nary a working title, and i dont exactly know how to use the word "nary".
and yes, ANOTHER fake superhero title. not so original, but who is these days?
but i have about 5 or 6 half finished projects, that wont get finished because of my progressing skill.
half of the toon is shitty, while the latter of the half is progressingly better.
i cant come out with that shit!
one of which a guy gets sexually assaulted by a bear,
another a guy almost kills a deaf and dumb person.
concepts, really.
if i ever get the time to do anything artistic, i will.
but as it is, i leav you with my collection of comics
i will not post another posty until i get some goddamn comments.

skiddly doowop

Posted by kjhsdgf - September 11th, 2008

good news: im not working on anything
bad news: school is goin on and so i have no time to work on anything cept homework (yeah im a good boy).
ive got this summer project and life is pretty assy right now, so dont expect a fountain of love coming from this artist. if you could call me that.
but yeah, if i get the time, ill prolly work on stuff.
ive got a lot half- done from the summer, but im prett sure that how itll stay.

like how something seems good at the time, but as it turns out, its not really funny.
hit me up, i have tons o comics at:
everything ive ever made comic-wise

good news bad news

Posted by kjhsdgf - August 19th, 2008

this is an older comic, so excuse my german.
ANYWAYS!, im writing an actual script for a cartoon im gonna spend more than 5 hours on,
so get ready, fizzolks!
also the cartoons im currently making doesnt count (im making it as we "speak", on an off) im pretty much making that up as i go.
so dont waste so much time doing nothing,
and dont forget to eat babies!
wait, no!
dont eat babies!
theyr full of cholesterol.


Posted by kjhsdgf - August 15th, 2008

DUDE!! i picked the worst day ever to submit a flash.
Clock Day.
it was just some words asking for some help,
and y'know what it got?
a 3.5/5.
thats not holy.
but seriously, if you know of any way to get an upgrade from flash mx to flash mx 2004(or higher),
help a brotha out.
and i dont wanna pay for it, cuz it was made in 2004.
now look below for a tasty, nutricious comic!

well shit

Posted by kjhsdgf - August 4th, 2008

i do. that why i said it. god, why would you look at this even though my idea was fully expressed in the headline?
i can be naughty too.
i need to make more sense, gah.

i like that lil face