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Entry #10

life, everyone

2010-08-19 13:38:08 by kjhsdgf

well, i've been living and learning.
still, i can't find a legit adobe flash crack, so i can't animate anything :[
although i have been making tunes.
and i'm pretty sure not too many people will see this, but
i just wanted my latest post to be a bit more recent.


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2011-01-26 00:28:42

Try making animated gifs 0or videos or something in the mean time. There's a mess ton of free programs that can animate and what not. Be sure to let your fans know how the search goes.

kjhsdgf responds:

oh i didn't realize i had them..
well i'm gonna get back into it i guess?


2011-04-28 19:08:50

Agreed with phlynthe; if you can't get flash, try making animations. Photoshop and clones of photoshop are easy enough to find and mess with

kjhsdgf responds:

how do you make animations without flash? i'm very dumb to this kind of stuff.