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great vid, but you do know Discovery channel is an entertainment channel, it doesn't always tell the truth. it all connects very well, and we can only hope things have been figured out..

good speaking, by the way, very charismatic

but i just take everything with a grain of salt, i suppose..
maybe all of this is what logic figures out, but to a greater and more thorough extent. let things happen, and don't discredit math and science. i know the writer/speaker didn't say that verbatum, but the artist did put that in, impelling ideas that science is inaccurate or irrelevant.

once again, great vid, it all makes sense assuming it's all true, had it's funny moments, and i enjoyed it.


a dirty, australian weebl-stuff.

i have to say

i really liked this for some reason,
the setting is so neat.
and it sets up an emotional character, which i like.
it makes a normally depressing scenario pretty funny at times.
although there were only a few funny parts, it was only because they were meant to be funny, and the rest was only funny ironically because of the contrasting content and the characters' beginnings as "kawaii" little anims.
anyhow, i babble,
good anim, bro.

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i support this

shows how 99% of the ng audio is kinda whack.
but there's always good stuff.
and THIS is how i'll get FAMOUUUSSSS.
anyhow, great job on putting this together


but the "star shine" game is friggin imposssible for me.
but fun nonetheless.
ps (less games that rely on quickness of the mouse.)

fun game

i scored a massive 8 on my first try, well i just woke up.. so *cough*.
its a fun, responsive game, and the theme of "get it better every time you play" get people addicted, so good job with that.
nice presentation.
but the game is a little one-sided, and no difficulty setting takes a measly one point away.

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woah groovy stuff, man
imo the piano needed some more transparency, but it could just be my monitors.
the techno was NOICE

Enteroar responds:

ty sir :) Yea, the piano is a bit harsh.

samples make everything better

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i like it

looks neat-o.
and authentic

Ef-X responds:

thank you

i'm so glad

the government can't do anything about people talking about, or depicting illegal things.
anyways, you must be getting a hold of some insane shit, lol,
the thick outer lines look really stylish and cel-shadey, but the detail and the inside parts are so extravagant it's like a celebration of the moments before one packs a ginormous bowl :)
but yeah, if you like sorta relaxing tunes, check out my channel,
that'd be just swell.

manga is overrated

stop that.
but as far as drawings go, it's ok,
kinda disproportionate,
although the hatching was nice.


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